What is NIE?

NIE (News in Education) is a program designed to enhance learning and promote literacy by using the eEdition (digital newspaper) as well as a variety of dynamic educational resources to encourage students to utilize critical thinking skills and analyze current events in the world around them. Specific NIE activity guides help teachers use the digital newspaper to enhance their lessons and meet Common Core and state standards. NIE subscriptions are available to all elementary, middle and high schools and can be integrated into every subject area (i.e. math, science, language arts, history, music, etc.).

When is the NIE program available?

The NIE program is available to all K-12 area schools & home schools during the regular school year, August - June. Teachers can sign up any time during the school session. The eEdition and the resources on our website are available 24/7 to participating teachers and their students during the session. 

How do teachers sign up for the NIE program?

Click on the Home button at the top of the page, then click on the Subscribe Now button and complete the registration process. Here you will sign up your class or classes and create class usernames and passwords, as well, you will also set up your teacher account. Once your account has been created, you will receive a verification email. Please verify this email as soon as you receive it. The email will come from niehelp@fireflymkt.com -- please be sure to mark this as safe. If you don't receive the email, be sure to check your spam folder or contact NIE here for assistance. After you verify your email you and your students will have immediate access to the eEdition and to the programs, lesson plans, and educational tools, apps and videos available on our website. See below for how to log in.

What is the cost to participate in the NIE program?

The NIE program, including access to the eEdition and the resources on the NIE website, is provided at no cost to teachers. Subscriber, individual and business donations as well as business sponsored programs fund NIE. As part of the program, teachers are required to affirm their eEdition order and participation in the program at the end of each session per our auditing rules - this is done via email.


Can parents sign up for the NIE program?

Due to the annual auditing regulations of the newspaper industry, parents are not able to sign up for NIE.  We suggest interested parents contact their child's teacher and encourage them to sign up for the program. By doing so, whether your child is learning in-person or remotely, they will be able to access the eEdition and educational resources at home or in the classroom. 


What is the eEdition?

The eEdition is an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper. The daily content of the newspaper is transmitted electronically each morning and available for teachers and students to access on any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser and an internet connection.

How do teachers and students login and access the eEdition?

From your device please follow the log in details:

  • For teachers: from the website, click on Login: Teachers then enter your email address and the password you created. You will be directed to your account, where you will click on Read Today's Paper, on the left side click on the eEdition newspaper name, and you'll be directed to the eEdition. You can also bookmark the Teacher Log In page for easy access.
  • For students: from the website, click on Login: Students then enter the class username and password provided by the teacher. Students will be directed to the teacher's class page, they will click on Read Today's Paper, on the left side click on the eEdition newspaper name, and students will be directed to the eEdition.  You can also bookmark the Student Log In page for easy access for your students.

NEW: Teachers and students can stay logged in for up to 90 days if you choose to allow cookies from our website. Check your browser settings and instructions to allow this feature.

Note: Teachers can download this Student Log In Form to print out, insert the specific log in credentials for their classes and provide to the students so they can easily access the eEdition at school or home for homework and research assignments.

How is the eEdition used in a class with only one computer available?

Online content can be shared with your students in the classroom via a Smart Board or LCD projector, which requires access to only one computer. Additionally, eEdition articles can be printed and distributed to classes.

Can the eEdition only be accessed on school computers?

Besides using the school computers, teachers and students can access the eEdition from their home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone for use with lesson planning, homework and research. Simply use your log in credentials.

Is special software needed when viewing the eEdition?

All you need is Internet access and a web browser. No download is required and there is no special software necessary. As a note, the eEdition works best with high-speed Internet connections.

How do I navigate the eEdition?

Please find the NIE eEdition visual User Guide and FAQs here.

What details are in the Teacher Account?

  • My school: includes the name and address of your school.
  • My Info: Includes your name, email, password, phone number and the stop date of the session.
  • My Classes: includes the class name(s), number of students, class user name (this is auto generated), and password (should be different than the teacher password). NOTE: Be sure that you provide these details to your students so they can log in.
  • Resource Tabs: Read Today's Paper (access to eEdition), My Apps, My Videos, My Tools

What are My Apps, My Videos and My Tools?

These are educational resources for teachers and students to use as part of the NIE program. You can sort these resources by grade level (K-12) and subject per your needs. 

  • My Apps are the top, free educational apps for all grade levels and a variety of academic subjects. 
  • My Videos are the best educational videos from YouTube covering math, science, music and more. 
  • My Tools are resources that make lesson planning easier and learning more fun, includes downloadable lessons, quizzes and links.

Teachers can also share these resources with their students. When teachers are logged in to their account, click on any of the resource tabs and follow the on-screen instructions -- be sure that you "filter" your selection by Grade Level and Subject. After selection(s) are made, teachers and students will be able to access the information selected when logged in.

What other resources are available on the NIE website?

There are many other educational resources on the NIE website available to teachers and students. These can be accessed from the homepage:

  • Monthly Lesson Resources: Instructional resources to expand your curriculum listed by month. As well, teachers have access to over 300 educational resources from the NIE Institute, including teacher guides, serial stories, student supplements and much more. These curriculum materials are listed by subject with resources for all grade levels (K-12). You can download, copy, and distribute these materials for your students.
  • Weekly Lesson Prompts: Used in conjunction with the eEdition, these prompts include a different subject topic for each day of the week.

How do teachers update the information in the Teacher Account?

To update information such as changing school, retiring, new email address, or adding classes, please contact NIE here and we will contact you and make the necessary change.  Teachers can change their password or the class/student password (again, be sure these are different).

Are there any administrative procedures that teachers need to follow after registering for the eEdition and the NIE program?

You will be notified once a year (towards the end of the school year or session) via email to affirm your order; indicating that you ordered and are using the eEdition for educational purposes. Your affirmation is required as part of our program and is needed for company auditing purposes.

How does a teacher qualify to subscribe to the NIE program with access to the eEdition?

In order to qualify, a teacher must teach in a classroom type setting where a curriculum is taught through the use of the newspaper (K-12 public, private, & home school). As well, the teacher must verify this information as noted in the above question. 

Does the NIE program sponsor print copies of the newspaper delivered to my school?

The NIE program is 100% digital; thus, we provide sponsored copies of the digital newspaper (eEdition) to teachers and classrooms via licenses. We do not sponsor print copies of the newspaper.


Who do I contact for further questions or help?

Please contact us here for additional help or specific questions. Thank you!



Here is the list of the McClatchy Newspapers that are part of the NIE program

The Beaufort Gazette

Belleville News-Democrat

The Bellingham Herald

Bradenton Herald

Centre Daily Times

The Charlotte Observer

El Nuevo Herald

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Fresno Bee

The Herald (Rock Hill)

The Herald-Sun (Durham)

Idaho Statesman

The Island Packet

The Kansas City Star


Lexington Herald-Leader

Merced Sun-Star

Miami Herald

The Modesto Bee

The News & Observer

The News Tribune

The Olympian

The Sacramento Bee

The State

SunHerald (Biloxi)

The Sun News (Myrtle Beach)

The Telegraph (Macon)

The Tribune (SLO)

Tri-City Herald

The Wichita Eagle