Monthly Themed Lessons

Expand your K-12 curriculum these instructional resources which include teacher guides, lesson plans, and student supplements. We’ve made these resources easy to access and incorporate into your classroom as they are listed by month. In addition, teachers can also access these additional curriculum materials for every subject area and grade level. Resources may be downloaded, printed and copied for classroom use or for homework assignments.


Monthly Character Traits

August-June: Being kind is not just something you do for one day, or one week, or for one month, it’s something that should be done every day. Implement a culture of kindness in your classrooms for the entire school year. Choose a different character trait each month to focus on with your students. Good character and good citizenship go hand-in-hand. Check out these K-8 resources from The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. And you can download this supplement, Count on Character to use as well.

Remembering 9/11 and Constitution Day

September: The anniversary of 9/11 coincides with Constitution and Citizenship Day, providing a unique opportunity to reflect and teach students about these two important events in US History and how they shape and affect us as Americans in our daily lives. Use We the People: 911 and the Constitution online lesson plan and or download the PDF. As well, find a  variety of other civic K-12 resources and lesson plans all from the Center for Civic Education.


Emergency Preparedness

September: With September being National Preparedness Month, use, “Be a Hero: Youth Emergency Preparedness” curriculum materials for grades 1-12 from and FEMA. These resources will teach kids what to do before, during, and after an emergency while fostering critical 21st-century skills such as problem solving, teamwork, creativity, leadership, and communication.


What’s Growin’ On?

September & March: This 16-page supplement, What’s Growin’ On?, sponsored by the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom helps students discover the ways agriculture impacts their daily lives.


Bullying Prevention Month

October: October is Bullying Prevention Month. Get the resources you need to inform your our students from PACERs National Bullying Prevention Center’s classroom toolkits and activities for all grade levels. In addition, Focus on Bullying is a 16-page supplement that will assist teachers, administrators, parents and students in developing and implementing a detailed school-wide action plan that strengthens the physical, social, and psychological safety of schools and reduces the incidence of bullying.


All About Elections & Government

October: This NIE exclusive curriculum is designed to engage students on the topics of government, politics, and elections. Featuring four lessons on the following topics: national and local government structures, political parties, bills & laws, campaigns & candidates, and voting. Also, of importance is to get teens to register to vote. Voter registration and pre-registration rules and ages are different in every state; be sure to share this resource, as well here is the 2020 Presidential Election Calendar.


National Native American Heritage Month

November: Celebrate Native American Heritage by learning all about the 29 Washington Indian Tribes. Download and share the educational supplement with your students. For more information and activities, as well as an essay contest with prizes for 7-12 grade students from Washington State, visit our page.

National Entrepreuner’s Month

November: Celebrate young entrepreneurs by inspiring them to succeed in their future. Resources to share with your classes include: Junior Achievement USA has downloadable program supplements; BizKid$ has a wide range of lesson plans and tools and activities, and VentureLab has lesson plans -- all that can be used as part of your curriculum.

Family Literacy Month

November: In What’s in a Word? students will learn word origins, meanings, spelling and other word play that is exciting and fun! In addition, check out these resources from ReadWriteThink to incorporate in your classroom and share with your students.


Our Veterans. Our Stories.

November: In honor of National Military Appreciation month and Veteran’s Day, Our Veterans, Our Stories includes materials about Veterans throughout our history and stories on topics like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.


Holiday Season Activities

December: Use these fun and engaging NIE Winter Holiday Activities with your students throughout the month of December. These activities cover a wide range of subjects using the newspaper (eEdition) from art to social studies and lots of stuff in-between! Let your students have some fun exploring the holidays with the eEdition. As well, find a wide-range of Christmas and Holiday Traditions word games and puzzels from As well, check out their vocaulary word list -- challenge your students to see how many of these words they can find in the eEditoin during the month of December! 


Fake News Lesson Series

January: This Fake News curriculum is designed to help you teach your students about media literacy. The four lessons can be integrated into your curriculum either daily for a week of focused study, once-a-week for a month of focused study, or once-a-month throughout the school year. 


Celebrate Black History

February: During Black History Month, inform your students about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with this 11-page supplement which provides a biography, an overview of his upbringing, and the history of his most important achievements.


Women’s History Month

March: Celebrate the women scientists during Women's History Month! There are some great educational resources for teachers and students from Science NetLinks and AAAS. These resources and lesson plans will help your classes honor the achievements and scientific work of women. 

Financial Literacy Month

April: Now is a great time to implement this supplement, Be Money Smart, where young people will be educated on how to prepare for their financial future. Or find other resources here. As well, find more K-12 lesson resources from InCharge and the Junior Achievment Program.


National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May: Let's get out and move and play! In Fitness Head to Toe students can learn how exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices affect them head to toe. As well, from SHAPE America, there are some great resources for teaching health & PE remotely during COVID-19.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May: These classroom lessons and activities from Walk in our Shoes will help students understand the types of mental illnesses, the challenges and stigma associated with having a mental illness and how to give and get help with a mental illness. By learning about other people, students will learn that they’re a lot like them, however they’re just on a journey in different shoes.

Tips to Stay Safe Online

June: It's Internet Safety Month! Give your students the information they need to protect themselves online over the summer and throughout the year by using these teen and younger kids resources from NetSmartz. Useful items include tip sheets and presentations.

Great Outdoors Month

June: Get your students ready for a new adventure this summer by exploring the great outdoors! Share these resources with your students from the National Parks Service: Find A Park and Kids in Parks. And use these Educator Resources about our amazing parks all-year round.