What's Growin' On?

"What's Growin' On?" is an exciting educational project that helps students discover the ways agriculture impacts their daily lives. The 2019, 16 page educational supplement will focus on "Cultural Contributions to California Cuisine."  What’s Growin’ On? will introduce you to the California grown commodities that take center stage when preparing cuisine with recipes from around the world. California agriculture provides key ingredients for the dishes you enjoy at home. So, as you gather with friends and family for your next meal, consider the many Cultural Contributions to California Cuisine that we are able to enjoy with commodities grown right here in California.


The 2019 published in The Sacramento Bee on Thursday, March 14, 2019 and will publish in The Fresno Bee in September/October 2019.

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Published in The Sacramento Bee, 3/14/19

Published in The Fresno Bee, 9/26/18

Published in The Sacramento Bee, 3/19/17

Published in The Fresno Bee, 6/2/17

Published in The Sacramento Bee, 3/17/18