All About Elections & Government

NIE 4-Week Lesson Series:  This curriculum is designed to engage students in the topics of government, politics, and elections. Each lesson includes a corresponding quiz and answer key. You can use the 4-week series alongside your lessons, or as a stand-alone curriculum to pique interest and engagement with political issues. Topics include government branches, political parties, legislation, laws at national, state and local levels, lobbying, political campaigns, primaries and caucuses, and others. This lesson series was created to be easy and fun for classrooms, and to foster constructive classroom discussion on important and timely issues.



  • Week 1 - Government Basics: Why You Should Care
    Lesson Plan | Week 1 Quiz
    • Government Branches
    • State & Local Government
    • Why Should I Care?
  • Week 2 - Parties, Politics & Voting: Are You A Member?
    Lesson Plan | Week 2 Quiz
    • Red: All About the Republican Party
    • Blue: All About the Democratic Party
    • Independent: No Party Affiliation
    • Third Parties: Green & Libertarian
  • Week 3 - How Bills Become Laws: All About Legislation
    Lesson Plan | Week 3 Quiz
    • The Steps of a Bill
    • Federal Laws
    • State Laws
    • Local Laws
    • Lobbying
  • Week 4 - Candidates, Campaigns, & You
    Lesson Plan | Week 4 Quiz
    • Bumper Stickers, Picket Signs & Friendly Waves: How Campaigns Work
    • Primaries & Caucuses / Pros & Cons
    • The Ugly Side: Negative Campaigning
    • What About You?

Quiz Answer Key