Fake News


NIE 4-Week Lesson Series: This curriculum is designed to help you teach your students about media literacy. The four lessons can be integrated into your curriculum either daily for a week of focused study, once-a-week for a month of focused study, or once-a-month throughout the school year. We recommend pairing them close together for the best learning experience. Topics include identifying fake news, discerning legitimacy in the media, fact vs. opinion, satire and clickbait, social media, and more. Each lesson ends with 3-5 discussion points to be used for conversation as a class or in peer groups. The appendix offers valuable insight and advice from real journalists. A corresponding quiz is provided for each lesson, as well as an answer key.

Weekly Lessons

  • Week 1 - What is "Fake News"?
    Lesson Plan | Week 1 Quiz
    • Why is News Literacy Important?
    • Twisted Facts = Fake News Story
    • Helpful Links
    • Discussion Points
  • Week 2 - Identifying Fake News
    Lesson Plan | Week 2 Quiz
    • Discerning Fact & Opinion in the Media
    • Types of Reporting
    • 5 Questions to Ask About News
    • Discussion Points
  • Week 3 - Satire & ClickBait
    Lesson Plan | Week 3 Quiz
    • Definitions & Examples
    • Headlines & Outlandish Titles
    • Helpful Links
    • Discussion Points
  • Week 4 - Social Media, Fake News & You
    Lesson Plan | Week 4 Quiz
    • Let's Talk About the Word "Viral"
    • 3 Questions to Ask About Viral Posts
    • Helpful Links
    • Discussion Points
  • Appendix: Real Journalists Share
Quiz Answer Key