Weekly Lesson Prompts

NEW! Starting September 9, 2019

Engage your students with the news! Every week from September through May (excluding Thanksgiving week, winter holiday & Easter week) for we will post weekly lesson prompts to use with the eEdition. These prompts will include a different subject topic for each day of the week and can be used to enhance your core curriculum.

Monday – Reading
The reading prompts will direct your students to find an article in the eEdition. Have your students read the article in full. Then, you can use the questions to have a class or group discussion.

Tuesday – Writing
Use these prompts to help your students exercise their writing muscles by submitting a paragraph or short essay.

Wednesday – Math
Your students will use the eEdition to learn about mathematical, financial, and economic topics.

Thursday - Science
The science prompts will direct your students to find articles, information, or images in the eEdition related to science.

Friday – Civics/Social
Your students will learn about local or national social issues using the eEdition.


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Weekly Prompts