NIE eEdition User Guide and FAQs

We've made key improvements to the eEdition that are geared to enhance your experience— including no digital ads and a more user-friendly navigation.

The following is a visual guide and FAQ to help you navigate the new eEdition and get the most out of its features.


Visual Guide

eEdition menu on desktop or laptop

eEdition menu on tablet

Video Overview


What has changed with the eEdition?

  • There are no digital ads on the page.
  • There is no red highlighting within the eEdition. You can zoom in or open up each article individually.
  • There are fewer icons and navigation lists in the eEdition viewer. We've designed the new viewer to be more simple and get you straight into the eEdition.
  • There is no longer a help overlay on the eEdition. We hope to answer any questions in this FAQ and visual guide (which you can always find through the help icon on the eEdition viewer).
  • It is easier to open up an individual article. If you click once on an article on the page, a plain text view of the article will open. You can adjust the text size, print and share the article from there. Want to zoom into an article instead? Just double click or use the zoom icon.
  • The new eEdition works best in updated versions of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge. If you use Internet Explorer, you will need to upgrade to the Edge browser or to one of the other browsers listed previously. You can download Edge here.

How do I download and print?

  • To download a PDF copy of one or multiple pages of the eEdition, click the icon on the eEdition viewer. Click on the page you want to download (or press and hold the shift key and click for multiple pages), then click the download button at the top. The PDF will download into a new browser window.

  • You can also download a PDF copy from the Back Issues page within your account by scrolling to the issue you want and clicking the “download” button.
  • To print one or multiple pages, click the icon on the eEdition viewer. Click on the page you want to download (or press and hold the shift key and click for multiple pages), then click the print button at the top.

How do I print a puzzle or another part of the eEdition?

Click the icon on the eEdition viewer. If you're viewing two pages, select either the left or right page. A crop box will appear on that page. Click on the corners and drag the box around the puzzle (or portion of the page) that you want to print. Once you are done, click the green checkmark in the lower right corner. The cropped image will open in a new tab. You can print from there, or save the image to your desktop and open and print in the program of your choice.

How do I zoom in?

There are several options to zoom into a page:

For mobile and tablet:

  • Double tap on the area you'd like to zoom into; double tap again to zoom out.
  • Tap once to read an article in plain-text mode.
  • Pinch and spread to zoom in and out.
For desktop:
  • Use spread and pinch gestures on your laptop's trackpad (if available) to zoom in and out.
  • Double click on the area you’d like to zoom into.
  • Use the magnifying glass icons in the eEdition viewer.

How do I save the paper to read offline?

Click the icon on the eEdition viewer to download one or multiple pages of the eEdition. 

How do I jump to a specific section of the paper?

You have multiple ways to jump to specific sections of the eEdition:

  • Use the navigation bar in the eEdition viewer and click on the desired section
  • Click on the icon on the left top of the page. You can see all the sections and articles in a list view.
  • Click on the icon on the icon bar and navigate to the desired section.

How do I find a list of stories in a specific section?

Click on the icon on the left top corner. You can see all the sections and articles in a list view.

How do I find older editions of the paper?

Previous editions can be found on the icon on the eEdition viewer.

How do I get the Games and Puzzles?

Click the icon in the eEdition viewer.

What is different on my tablet/phone?

In the eEdition viewer on a tablet or phone, the menu icons are arranged a little differently. You can access all the options like cropping and printing by tapping the menu icon at the top right.

Am I required to log in every day?

Teachers and studetns can stay logged in for up to 90 days if you choose to allow cookies from our website. Check your browser settings and instructions to allow this feature. Otherwise, yes, you will need to log in every day you want to access the eEdition. Teachers will use their email address and password and students will use the class username and password.

How do I read the eEdition on my phone or tablet?

Navigate to your web browser and go to the NIE website, then log in as noted above.

I’m having trouble logging in or navigating the eEdition. What should I do?

If you’re having problems accessing the eEdition, first try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Once you’ve done that, try logging in again. Here’s how to clear your cache in these browsers (desktop, mobile and tablet): Chrome | Safari | Firefox | Edge

If you still have trouble, contact NIE at